Leachman & Son Collection Services Limited

The Leachman and Son Collection Services Ltd was founded in April 2016. We are a small company that will work with any organisation or group. We aim to provide up to date and cutting edge services to all our clients. We take pride in what we do. Our aim is to make all clients issues our number one priority. We will go the extra mile to ensure that all our clients situations are resolved effectively and in a professional manner.

Our company CEO/Director is a Jamaican by birth who  now resides in the United Kingdom  has been in the Industrial Security Industry for over 18 years  and has a proven track record of making any environment that he and his team works in remain safe.

Our company CEO/Director, whilst working as a security/customer subcontractor  on the Cable and Wireless Circuit  betweet 2002 -2010 had managed and effectively secure company assets and properties valued over 10 million Jamaican dollars.

Whilst working as a security  subcontractor on the Superdrug chain of retail outlet, our company CEO/Director has managed successfully to bring the shrinkage at the Camberwell, butterfly walk superdrug retail outlet under control.  Upon taking on the assignment, the store was haemorrhaging over 4000 pounds per week in 2012. That was shocking and frightening to the new manager. To combat that loss, l had to deploy tactical and effective security management to bring the shrinkage under control before my departure from that assignment in 2013. During that same assignment, the store also got a megga  boost in its customer service out put from the security subcontractor and the store staff members. Information coming from the  company React survey is that the store had improved in its customer service output from 50% to 76% and that was  great improvement for the store. The store performance in sales had drastically increased.

Our company CEO/Director is currently working as a security subcontractor in one of tescos large store to bring the shrinkage under control and stop the company form haemorrhaging money. The tesco project has been completed in March 2018 and the store management was pleased with the successive results that the  store has achieved. The customer service out from the store staff members and management were overwhelming. The store weekly intake rose from 270,000 pounds to 320,000 pounds, which is about 15.6% or 50,000 pounds more than what the store would have normally earn. The store shrinkage was also brought down to an acceptable level. It took nine months to create such a significant impact on the store. The managment was happy and was very pleased with the overhaul success. I can say for myself a job well done.


I am currently seeking next project.



We currently offer the below services.

Security Consulting and investigation in : CCtv, Retail, Customer Service, events, physical security, Recruitment, Mobile tutoring and Assignment preparation

 We also do : N39 orders, statutory demand, bankruptcy petition, claim form, divorce documentation, winding up petitions, travellers proceedings, service injunctions, licensing notes, injunctions and witness statment.












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